Marathon, Ultra & Triathlon Training

Marathon, ultra, or triathlon training? Tulsa Galloway has got you covered!

Looking to train for a marathon, ultra, or triathlon? Then Tulsa Galloway is the perfect training program for you! We are a part of the worldwide Jeff Galloway Training Program. We follow Jeff Galloway‘s highly successful Run-Walk-Run method, which increases endurance and performance without injury. Our tailored training program meets runners where they’re at and can accommodate all fitness levels, whether it’s your first endurance event or you’re a veteran. With support, encouragement, and accountability from fellow runners in your pace group, you’ll be sure to reach your distance goal in no time!

Jeff Galloway: The Man Who Almost Certainly Holds the Record for a Run-Walk Marathon

Jeff Galloway almost certainly holds the record for a run-walk marathon — he ran a 2:16:35 at Houston in 1980 while taking a brief walk break each mile. It’s also his personal record, and it came eight years after he made the 1972 Olympic team in the 10,000m.

The Galloway Method: The Ideal Training Strategy for Triathletes

The Galloway method has been adopted by elite triathlon coaches and athletes. This run-walk technique helps build endurance and avoid injuries — leading to faster performances overall. Perfect for triathletes who want to stay physically and mentally strong during the run segment of a race, this method is also popular with age-groupers targeting half- and full-iron distance events. Plus, Galloway’s Chief Training Officer will create a customized training schedule for you that covers all three disciplines — swimming, biking and running. You’ll train with us for the running portion, and then follow your schedule on your own for swimming and biking. 

John Ridgley, a USA Triathlon-certified coach based in Atlanta, has found this method useful in his own training. After getting beat by a run-walk group at the Marine Corps Marathon in the late 1990s, he tried it the following year and finished under four hours. He hasn’t looked back since. He now uses it in Ironman races, as well as instructing many of the triathletes he coaches to do the same.

Endurance Training: A Fun Way to Challenge Yourself!

Endurance training can be a fun way to challenge yourself! Many people think that in order to be successful, they have to dedicate hours of their day to training. However, that’s not always the case. By running for just 30-45 minutes twice a week, and gradually increasing the length of your third weekly run (the long run), anyone can successfully finish an endurance event.