Group Benefits

Galloway Training Program: Group Benefits

The Fun and Exciting Group Benefits of the Tulsa Galloway Training Program.

  • A group to run around with – in all kinds of weather.
  • A training program/schedule to lead you to your goal.
  • Both morning and evening coached training opportunities each week.
  • A year-round training program.
  • Galloway coaching specific to your race distance and goals.
  • Structured long group runs with multiple pace groups – no runner is left behind!
  • Comprehensive long run schedule building slowly to goal races.
  • Exciting and varied running routes. 
  • Pace Group Leaders with a passion for helping others realize their potential and fitness goals.
  • Fully-supported aid stops for Saturday long runs.
  • Guidance on the Run-Walk-Run method, running techniques, nutrition, and injury prevention.
  • Fun social events.
  • Jeff Galloway’s e-book “Galloway Training Programs,” the most comprehensive book on training for 26.2 and 13.1.
  • Direct email connection to Jeff Galloway (training members receive priority response).
  • An official program Coolmax shirt.
  • Galloway Training Program team medal.
  • Discounts for Galloway retreats, running schools, and JG 13.1/Barb’s 5K races.
  • Other Galloway groups to train with when you’re visiting other cities (over 45 cities)
  • The chance to ride the Galloway bus to the start of the New York City Marathon in Staten Island (you must enter the race on your own).
  • Exclusive discounts at Jeff Galloway’s Phidippides running store (with free virtual shoe consultations).
  • Discounts from local professionals and retail stores.
  • Lots of support and camaraderie.

Getting you to the finish line injury-free!

  • If you have a group waiting for you, you’ll get out of bed on numerous days you normally wouldn’t.
  • You’ll get as much out of giving support to others, as in receiving it.
  • A group will pull you along when you’re struggling, and hold you back when you’re feeling too good.

Running is more fun when running together, as each member is motivated to run more often and stay injury free. As you share and pull one another along, the miles go by much more quickly. Lifelong friendships form in these mission-oriented but laid back groups.

Pace groups are set up according to current fitness level. A Pace Group Leader keeps the speed slow enough for all members, and enforces walk breaks from the beginning to the end.